Main Street Electric is a service provider for HMS, which is one of the largest home warranty services in the United States.

This is an unofficial list of things that HMS has not covered in the past. Please keep in mind that HMS has the final say as to what is or is not covered.

** If the problem ceases to occur before we do repairs, we can not diagnose it and the customer will be responsible for the full payment of the bill.**

  1. Service Entrance Cables before the main breaker.
  2. Permits or Permit filing fees (if required).
  3. Light fixtures, including light kits on ceiling fans.
  4. Exterior devices.
  5. Intercom systems.
  6. Attic exhaust fans, bath exhaust fans and whole house fans.
  7. Problems as a result of corrosion.
  8. Smoke Detectors and fire alarms.
  9. Wiring additions or changes for capacity or upgrades of existing equipment.
  10. Supplemental heat units if another source of primary whole house heat exists i.e. boiler, oil fired furnace, heat pump and the like, as HMS covers them.
  11. Manufacturer defects of material(if so determined by HMS at the time of the request for the authorization of the covered work).
  12. Defects caused by the work of untrained or unqualified persons.
  13. Acts of nature, covered by homeowners insurance i.e. lightning strikes.
  14. Pre-existing problems i.e. problems that were found by home inspection reports or that existed before you took possession of your new home.
  15. In-wall timers, surface timers, or time clocks.
  16. Hand held remote controls i.e. ceiling fans, garage door openers etc.
  17. Smart house lighting controllers and their proprietary equipment.
  18. Low voltage, hard wired relay switching systems and their components.
  19. Removal or repair of permanently mounted building structure(s) to access wiring or splices.
  20. Water damage from external sources such as roof leaks or internal sources, such as overflowed toilet, sink basins or pipe leaks.
  21. Wiring/PVC conduit that powers a pool or its associated controls and equipment, unless pool coverage rider has been purchased as an additional coverage item.
  22. Partial power, squeaks, squeals, humming or partially functional ceiling fans, coverage is only offered if the units are totally non functional. Light kits on or attached to ceiling fans. Any upgrade for UL listed ceiling fan supported boxes we are required to perform when removing a ceiling fan for a covered issue.
  23. Damaged wiring accompanied by animal droppings, nests, tooth marks or encountering of an animal.
  24. “Sub- Panel” breakers located outside the main service panels. Coverage is only extended to “main panel” breakers and equipment, as of 8/25/03.
  25. Phone wiring, phone devices or other telecommunication equipment.
  26. Ceiling or wall-mounted self-contained heater units, even if your primary heat source is baseboard heat. This is most evident in bathroom heater units. If an individual self contained heater is not covered by your policy, wiring, splices, connections, breakers or fuses are also not covered, if this wiring is separate from the non-covered heater. In other words, if the non-covered unit is on a separate dedicated circuit.
  27. Rental of equipment required to do complete repairs.
  28. Billable time spent on the phone with HMS while the crew is at the customer’s house.
  29. Temporary power, if needed. Sometimes a burned electric panel cannot be replaced within one day. In these instances, the customer may want us to run temporary power until we can return to finish the job.

HMS WILL NOT pay money towards the time it takes to diagnose and repair non-covered issues. Therefore, the customer will be responsible for these charges, even if they are more than what the amount of the deductible would have been. All payments are due immediately after completion of work.